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Émile GOUÉ, student of Charles Koechlin, was encouraged by Albert Roussel. Combined with an original harmonic system, his concern for the form put him in the tradition of the builders of Franckist School. He died in the line of military duty.
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  • Émile and Yvonne
  • Toulouse
  • 1920
  • Agrégé
  • Bordeaux 1930
  • Bordeaux 1934
  • Sea side
  • Maginot Line 1940
  • Oflag XB
  • Oflag XB orchestra
  • Oflag XB choir
  • 1946
  • With family
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Émile GOUÉ
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Émile GOUÉ was born in CHATEAUROUX on June 13TH, 1904. His musical career combined of a brilliant scientific and university career.

From 1924, he went deeper into his musical studies, which were completed completes under the direction of Charles KOECHLIN, and Albert ROUSSEL encouraged him to compose.  

 He succumbed on October 10, 1946 in a sanatorium of the Paris area, continuations of a pernicious evil contracted in captivity in Oflag XB, a prisoner of war camp for officers. 
CHARLES KOECHLIN  (private correspondence)
... I went to hear the Psalm of Mr Goué, and I found this work very touching, very significant…/... I appreciated a lot, especially, the Quintet touching and powerful, and so full with interior life.../… I would have especially liked to say to you as I found beautiful the melodies of Goué…/…The hearing of the fragments of Wanda was very touching. We especially appreciated the 2nd piece with its evocation of the ocean…/… I like a lot the Trio with cords, particularly.