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Émile GOUÉ (1904-1946) French musician who died in the line of military duty. A student of Charles Koechlin, he was encouraged by Albert Roussel. Combined with an original harmonic system, his concern for the form put him in the tradition of the builders of Franckist School.
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Association "Les Amis d'Émile GOUÉ"
The primary purpose of the association is to publicize and promote the work of Émile GOUÉ French musician died for France. 

We intend to encourage, coordinate and support all efforts and productions aimed to give the place that deserves the music of Émile GOUÉ

We realize, heading or supervise various actions favorable to knowledge and dissemination of productions. These actions in favour of Émile GOUÉ are extended to artists and personages with which historical or aesthetic link is established.

The association is managed by a Board chooses among its members, and an executive committee elected for 4 years; consisting of a President, a Secretary and a Treasurer

The members meet in ordinary General Assembly at least once a year, in a place that may differ from the headquarters of the association.

The agenda is set by the Board. The members may request the inclusion of specific issues in this agenda.

Board members and adherents may not receive remuneration for their work within the association